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Wedding Dance Lessons

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The first dance is always a bit of a controversial subject with weddings. Some see it as being an important tradition within the day where others choose not to include it at all.

Personally, I think your first dance is one of those traditions that should be kept in every wedding. The day just flies by and when 7pm has rolled around the couple are always in disbelief that it is time for the evening guests already. Then it’s time for your first dance, an intimate moment for just the 2 of you to be away from the hustle and bustle of the day and ‘just be’. Some choose to have a full choreographed routine to surprise the guests which is always great fun, where others often opt for something simple, classic and romantic purely to avoid the standard “school disco sway”.

Every couple I have ever taught have told me afterward how grateful they were for the lessons building up to the day as it has helped take away the nerves of doing the first dance but also often even helped stress within the relationship. The lead up to a wedding can be so stressful and busy and there is something about just having a dance in your living room together once a week that seems to take all of that away for 90minutes and to just focus on one another. Dance is scientifically proven to release dopamine which is a natural mood booster as well as helping to reduce levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone so it is no surprise that when going through such a stress-full time together dance is able to help with all those feel-good endorphins flowing around the blood stream. It should be a relaxing experience, especially with teachers such as mine who are able to bring this to you in your own home as a private service rather than the pressure of walking into a dance studio filled with dancers.

I am yet to have a couple who has not enjoyed their dance lessons. I have also never had a couple decide they don’t want to do a dance after all, from the first lesson majority of couples only ever seem to get more excited about the sessions and more passionate about the dance. So although it may be scary committing to that first class, I am 99.9% sure you will love it and want to continue. Whether that be a big show off dance for all of your guest’s entertainment, or just an intimate moment for you both to share on the day, I truly couldn’t recommend it enough. I doubt you will ever regret doing it and you will forever share a love and passion for dancing together in the living room.

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